The Life In Me


This is a series of books for the pre-schooler to kindergartener in your life.


Imagine having the basic knowledge you need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

The Wind In Me

Your first action when you are born is to breathe. It is the most instinctive function of the body.

Imagine how much more peace you would experience if you made the most of this core process.

Everything is easier when we are exhaling.
Children are in the best position to receive and utilize this key knowledge.

Written in the simplest terms, the child learns to self-soothe and find peace. The second half of the book includes interactive pages of inhaling and exhaling as the words are read out loud. The finish is ideal for bedtime.
Through a lush set of watercolor paintings by Ann Meyer Maglinte, these essential concepts come to life.


The Flow In Me

The third book follows a drop of water through the body as it fulfills its vital role of being the medium for transportation of all the important things we use in every cell.

The Land In Me

The second book is about our choices regarding food and eating. Two children visit their Grandmother through the year. Kind Grandmother teaches them by example about the food that our good Earth provides.

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The Glow In Me

The fourth book in our series address movement, energy and the muscles that we need to know. The latin names of muscles are replaced with fun names that make them more accessible. We learn how to help our muscle heal with self-massage!

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