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Your First Visit




Please print out and fill in the questionnaire and bring it with you for your first visit.


​Here are some of the things that you may expect during acupuncture treatments.


You will be asked many questions about all areas of your health. Some of these questions may seem unrelated to your present condition. The more information we have, the more accurate the diagnosis will be as all symptoms add up to a particular pattern and therapy direction.


The pulse and tongue are important parts of Traditional Oriental Medicine diagnosis. Your pulse will be felt for strength, speed and quality. Your tongue will be examined for color, texture and coating. This gives us valuable information about all of the internal organs.

You will usually begin lying on your back. We support you with many pillows and make you very comfortable. Several points will be selected that pertain to your condition. Most points are along a channel which is connected to one organ primarily and all other organs secondarily. Stimulation of the points sends a message to the body that it is time to become more balanced in flow. Gentle stimulation will come to areas there is blockage. Deep support will be added where there is emptiness. It is common to fall asleep. Snoring is allowed.


You will be guided to inhale into your abdomen and as you exhale, a very thin needle will be inserted. The use of a guide tube greatly reduces the insertion prick by spreading the skin just a little. Once the needle is in, a tingle or spreading sensation may occur. This is a sign that the energy (called Qi – pronounced ‘chee’) has arrived at the needle and that the body is acknowledging its presence and has begun to respond. Each person has a different response to the stimulation. If any of the pins are uncomfortable, please say so and an adjustment will be made.


It is best to lie quietly during the treatment, focusing on breathing and relaxing those areas where there are needles. Imagine that you are heavy on the table. You will be relaxing with the needles in place for fifteen to forty-five minutes, depending on your condition and the treatment intention.


Additional treatment methods that are used are moxa, cupping and electric stimulation. Moxa is a giant herbal incense stick that is held near the skin for a very comfortable warming effect. Cups are heated on the inside, put on the skin and as they cool, draw the skin into the cup, opening the surface to allow pathogenic influences to escape. This is an effective treatment for congestion.


Very mild electric stimulation may be added to the needles with tiny alligator clips. You will be asked for feedback as the amplitude is slowly increased to a comfortable level. This is used primarily in inflammation. Hands-on treatment is added during the rest periods.The needles are smoothly removed and the spot is covered with cotton. There can be a tiny drop of bleeding. Once in a rare while, there is a slight bruising from the needle. This is harmless and clears at a normal pace. Arnica lotion is applied which enhances the healing of a bruise.


Usually, you will be asked to turn on to your front and another round of treatment will be applied. Following the treatment, you may feel relaxed or a bit euphoric. This can be explained by looking at the adrenal function. Our adrenal glands help us to adapt to change. During the treatment, your body is in complete, deep, healing rest so that the adrenals receive the message to calm down, maybe further than they have in a long while. This trains the body to be at rest and counteracts the excess of activity and busyness we experience in our culture. Give yourself some time to settle in to this feeling by taking a nap or keeping your pace moderate for the next several hours. If you haven’t eaten lately, definitely eat some healthy food.


Acupuncture is a very positive experience with many benefits. As your treatments progress, the effects will accumulate and your body will maintain its own balance with more ease. For acute conditions, it is necessary to do treatments weekly for a short while. For chronic conditions, the treatments should be once a week until there is improvement, then less often. Many people enjoy a tuning treatment once per month or every season.


RECOMMENDATION FOR ENHANCING YOUR TREATMENT • Please do not wear any fragrances to the office as many people are sensitive to them.

• Keep your appointments as a commitment to your recovery and good health.

• Please arrive promptly without being rushed.

• It is good to eat a light or moderate meal before your treatment.

• Avoid caffeine, alcohol,marijuana or other stimulants for four hours before your treatment.

• Schedule massage or other therapy before acupuncture, if possible.

• For six hours after your treatment, do not take a shower or bath, perform vigorous activity or experience a drastic change in environment. It is nice to be clean for your treatment.

• The more information you bring to the session, the better Diane can help you.

• Feel free to bring questions, concerns and feedback to Diane.


Call and schedule a short appointment to discuss these at no charge. Thank you for choosing Abundant Health.

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