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The key to health is good digestion which is managed by our amazing Liver. Learn how to assure proper bile flow for a long life.

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Sugar season runs from Halloween to Valentine's Day, with a break for the Ice Cream season of Summer...the best way to love your body is to choose healthy foods and realize a true treat is to keep sugar at arms length.


Every year at the Autumn Equinox, I participate in a Women's Long Dance - a ceremony that goes from sundown to sun up.

Check out Circle of Empowerment!


Imagine how wonderful it feels to waken after a full night of deep, restful sleep. Learn all the tricks to cultivated this skill.


One of the most easily available self-care seeds is to learn the art of self-massage on what Diane calls the "tangle points." She calls it "Ten on the Tender" and keeps you moving through life with ease.

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Mendocino County Herb Guild created this 3 hour talk on Preventing and Healing from a case of Covid 19. Oh yes, also get your vaccine!